Our 2018 Roadmap

We have tons of great features we are working on.
Let us know if there is anything we are missing!

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Q2 2018

Second Quarter 2018 will focus on improving the foundation of Socializd going forward

Calendar View

Basic Post Statistics


GDPR Compliance

Q3 2018

Third Quarter 2018 will focus on adding features that have been requested!

Browser Extensions

Google Plus

Improved Teamwork

Improved Reports

Roles & Permissions

Q4 2018

Forth Quarter 2018 will focus on finishing up features that were delayed
(nothing ever gets delayed, right?)


Mobile App

Missing Features

If you thnk we are missing anything on our roadmap let us know!

Our roadmap is not set in stone, as users request certain features we will be sure to focus on those first!

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